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Rob’s Italian heritage combined with his travel overseas have been a key inspiration and definitive aspect of the smallgoods produced at Casalinga. This is the area of butchering that owns Rob’s passion and cultivated his knowledge and understanding of the European style of work and their processing techniques and has immersed him in the very ideas and values behind their specialist work. It is this extensive background that has allowed Rob to create authentic products utilising traditional European techniques and styles here in Tasmania.

So, what is smoked meat? Smoking meat is exactly what the name implies: flavoring meat with smoke, with the meats usually being cured before put in the oven. Besides enhancing the taste and look, it also increases its longevity, and helps preserve the meat by slowing down the spoilage of fat and growth of bacteria. Smoking meat longer leads to more water loss, and results in a saltier and drier product, which naturally increases its shelf life.

Variety salami

Variety of kransky

Variety of cabana

Pastrami & Smoked Beef

Wallaby & venison ham

Cajun & plain smoked chicken breast

Garlic & traditional Mettwurst

Pepperoni twiggy sticks

Spicy & plain beef jerky

Spicy & plain venison jerky

Popular flavours: spicy italian, wallaby & pepper, chicken & honey, venison & duck

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