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Game Meats

If you are looking for something truly Australian or little different from your traditional red meats, Casalinga offers you a range of game meats including wallaby, venison, quail and rabbit. Again, all of these products provide rich flavours due to being pasture-fed and free-range. Game meats are very easy to cook, low in fat and an environmentally conscious choice of meat.

Wallaby and venison meat are distinctly dark burgundy colour, they each have a mildly delicate flavouring and are well known for their tender eating texture. Both meats are very low in saturated and trans fats and therefore an excellent choice for those who need a meat choice that is low in cholesterol and promotes a healthy heart.

Tasmania is the only state in Australia where it is legal to harvest wallaby. Wallaby is one of nature’s finest meats, it’s sweet mild flavour and fine texture is earning it the reputation as ‘the pinot of red meats’.

Wallaby fillets, leg roasts & steaks

Venison fillets, leg roasts, steaks & back-strap

Full rabbits

Rannoch Quail – fresh, smoked & frozen

Popular game meat flavourings: Shiraz, rosemary & mustard

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